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Tie Rod End Mounting Kit

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Now available with black or stainless button head bolts.
From the outside of the frame rail, the look is traditional but without the bracket protruding below the frame. On the inside, only a chrome button head shows.

Hairpin wishbone mount kit to attach an early Ford tie rod end on a split radius rod or hairpin through a 2″ wide boxed frame. The unique taper lock keeps the inside of the boxing plate clean and supports the tie rod end along the whole tapered section, as well as all the threads. Only a button head shows – no cotter pin to snag the cleaning rag or cut your knuckles!

Kit includes parts for both sides: 2 frame bungs, 2 tapered adapters, 2 threaded couplers, 2 split pins, 2 internal tooth lock washers and 2 1/2-20 button head bolts. Early Ford tie rod ends are NOT included.

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15 Replies to “Web Store”

  1. Can I use Duralast Wires? I just bought some not to long ago, and I was wondering if I could just switch out the terminal ends and use those.

  2. im very interested in purchasing this upgrade,
    I have a very bad issue with my VR6, it turns over run for like a minute idling extremely rough and then shut down, I can maintain it on by playing with the gas pedal,
    anyways researching came across a lot of the same issues with people, not as bad as mine but the same, and in these case people do suggest coil pack failure, and then I see a best solution is this MSD upgrade.

    any suggestions.

    1. I can’t guarantee that this upgrade will solve your issue, but it will help it to run better once any other issues are addressed. Have you inspected the coil pack for cracks?
      Thanks for writing.

      1. Thanks for the reply, I actually need to do too end rebuild the previous owner ran it hot for a while and I think he warped the head so im going take care of that first but I will be done that upgrade regardless I’ve heard excellent things.

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