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Parallel Rear Four Link Kit

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This kit has proven to be adaptable to many frames. The bars mount beside the frame rail (inside the frame or outside, as shown in the pics). The upper bar will be about 3″ above the bottom of the rail. Rear axle brackets have 3 mounting holes for the coil-overs. Bars are about 25” c-c. (4 bars are included in the kit. Custom lengths are available. See the parts section under ”Bars”). Axle brackets are 3/16" mild steel.

If you want to use a 2" x 4" tube as a frame mount/crossmember, we now have a plate for that. Please see the list of add-ons to the right. We can substitute these plates in place of the frame brackets which normally come in the kit. Designed for big bushings. 2" x 4" tube also available.

Please see related products for an adjustable ride height setup tool that can be used in place of your coilovers while you build the car. You can keep your coilovers in perfect condition and make sure you have room for things like exhaust and the driveshaft through suspension travel.

Available with axle brackets for 3-1/4" tubes - see Add-Ons.

Two parallel four link kits are offered, both are complete kits with the following variations:
222501 (available welded and ready-to-weld)
1-3/4″ wide, 1-5/8″ OD urethane bushings
3/4-16 threaded adjusters

2220 (available welded only)
1-3/8″ wide, 1-3/8″ OD urethane bushings
5/8-18 threaded adjusters

The bracketry for each kit is matched to the OD of the bushing for a clean appearance. Brackets are artfully TIG welded.

NEWS: The 1-3/8″ bushing, ready-to-weld kit has been discontinued.
High demand for the kits with the 1-3/4″ wide bushings is reducing sales of the 1-3/8″ kits, making the 1-3/8″ kits more expensive to produce. We still have components for the 1-3/8″ kits and as those inventory levels go down, a decision about their future will be made. Please allow a one week lead time for the small bushing kit.

Parts Included: Frame brackets, axle brackets, bars, hardware, bushings, adjusters, and instructions.

Shipping Info: Ships for $37-$43 via UPS, with tracking information sent to your email.

Instructions: Please click here to see a PDF of the instructions for this kit.

What's the difference between welded and ready-to-weld? In the welded kit, anything that can be welded by us is welded. The frame brackets, bars, adjusters, and the coil over support block inside the axle brackets are all welded. The ready-to-weld kit has nothing welded. Some people find this an advantage because they can save some money and have the option of tweaking the angle that the bar brackets are welded to the front frame bracket.

This is a video shot by a customer (check out his thoroughly YouTube documented build):

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15 Replies to “Web Store”

  1. Can I use Duralast Wires? I just bought some not to long ago, and I was wondering if I could just switch out the terminal ends and use those.

  2. im very interested in purchasing this upgrade,
    I have a very bad issue with my VR6, it turns over run for like a minute idling extremely rough and then shut down, I can maintain it on by playing with the gas pedal,
    anyways researching came across a lot of the same issues with people, not as bad as mine but the same, and in these case people do suggest coil pack failure, and then I see a best solution is this MSD upgrade.

    any suggestions.

    1. I can’t guarantee that this upgrade will solve your issue, but it will help it to run better once any other issues are addressed. Have you inspected the coil pack for cracks?
      Thanks for writing.

      1. Thanks for the reply, I actually need to do too end rebuild the previous owner ran it hot for a while and I think he warped the head so im going take care of that first but I will be done that upgrade regardless I’ve heard excellent things.

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