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Mustang II Caliper Bracket Kit, for Camaro rotors

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Brake kit for 1974 -78 Mustang II and 1974 – 80 Pinto/Bobcat spindles. This kit adapts larger 10-1/2″ Camaro/ S10 rotors and 1982 – 92 Camaro (or equivalent) calipers for a simple, effective, and inexpensive brake upgrade. Some 14″ wheels will clear the calipers; 15″ and above wheels will clear. The 1982 – 92 Camaro rotors move each wheel in 1/8″ from stock rotors. WS2136

The S10/Camaro rotors fit onto the Mustang II spindles using stock 74-78 Mustang II bearings (NAPA SET12 & SET13). Remove the GM bearing cups from the rotor. Install the Mustang II cups. Do not use the Mustang II bearing race with the GM cup! Use NAPA seal #48011 or Chicago Rawhide #CR19211. The outer washers and spindle nuts are included in this kit. Use GM dust covers (NAPA #13977). Use stock GM brake pads (or equivalent) #VR7070A for the calipers.

Stock GM calipers have a lip around the brake hose port. Grind this lip and rotate the hose fitting so it clears the coil spring when the steering is at full turn lock. Be sure the brake flex hoses do not touch wheels, tires or any other parts under suspension travel or cornering conditions.

Welded kit includes all hardware shown in ready-to-weld kit.

Parts Included:
Plate, brake kit, tapped, for adapting Camaro rotors and calipers to Mustang II spindles, 21362, 2
Nut and washer assembly, 21364, 2
Retainer, for spindle nut, 213643, 2
Spacer, threaded 1/2″-20, 221252-A, 2
Spacer, 3/4″ o.d. x 7/16″ i.d. x .425″ long, 21363-A, 2
Bolt, 7/16-14 RH x 1-3/4″ long, Grade 5 hex, zinc plated, 2
Bolt, 1/2″-20 RH x 2″ long, Grade 5 hex, zinc plated, 2
Washer, 7/16″ lock, zinc plated, 2
Washer, 1/2″ lock, zinc plated, 2
Washer, 1/2″ SAE flat, 2

Assembly Tips:
Use a pair of 1974-78 Mustang II spindles as a fixture. This way the parts will be held in exactly the right place for tack welding. When you tack the pieces together, mind how your spindles are sitting on your bench. If the spindle shaft threads are touching your welding bench, the ground might mess up the threads a bit and you’ll have some extra work cleaning them up. Put a small piece of wood between the threads and the bench so the ground goes through the main part of the spindle.
The end of the threaded spacer (for the ½-20 bolt) should bottom against the slot in the plate. Take the tacked assembly off of the spindles to finish welding. Avoid getting weld inside the threaded spacer.

Be sure to read the installation tip sheets shipped with each kit.

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  1. Can I use Duralast Wires? I just bought some not to long ago, and I was wondering if I could just switch out the terminal ends and use those.

  2. im very interested in purchasing this upgrade,
    I have a very bad issue with my VR6, it turns over run for like a minute idling extremely rough and then shut down, I can maintain it on by playing with the gas pedal,
    anyways researching came across a lot of the same issues with people, not as bad as mine but the same, and in these case people do suggest coil pack failure, and then I see a best solution is this MSD upgrade.

    any suggestions.

    1. I can’t guarantee that this upgrade will solve your issue, but it will help it to run better once any other issues are addressed. Have you inspected the coil pack for cracks?
      Thanks for writing.

      1. Thanks for the reply, I actually need to do too end rebuild the previous owner ran it hot for a while and I think he warped the head so im going take care of that first but I will be done that upgrade regardless I’ve heard excellent things.

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